Among the topics in the program:
– What is the main reason to become an entrepreneur?
– Meaning of entrepreneurship as an instant meritocracy.
– Integrity, personal responsibility, self-discipline: investing in people, not in ideas, ultimate entrepreneurial virtues.
– Importance of proper alignment among startup founders.
– Appetite for calculated risks and accepting setbacks, failures and stress as greatest motivators (is there such a thing as failed entrepreneur?).
– Ability to build strong relationships, taking ownership of mistakes.
– Identify and seize unique opportunities, contrarian approach to business.
– Three things required to create successful startup, building business foundation. Ability to pivot from one idea to the next one, based on market’s demand.
– Do you have a way not just create but deliver your product?
– What is business? When does a startup become a business? Business endurance and longevity.
– Ability to seek unsatisfied demand, and finding original ways to satisfy it.
-Creative monopoly vs. competitive markets, defining unique opportunity which others do not see.
– Market diversification, international distribution.
– Small markets vs large markets during the startup period.
– Executing ideas in ever changing marketplace, building long lasting successful enterprise.
– Learning importance of sales execution.
– How to identify a unique opportunity that others do not see.
– Learning importance of sales execution.
– How to identify a unique opportunity that others do not see, the importance of understanding your unique value proposition.
– How to find and engage your target market.
– How to use modern technology to build relationships with customers and partners around the world.

We will be conducting open discussions about most important challenges in the constantly changing world, no lectures or power point presentations. Students can ask difficult questions, come up with own topics for discussions and get specific advice and perspective from proven entrepreneurs. This event’s intention is to deliver the knowledge participants need to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and to scale businesses from startups to successful companies.

During the camp we will be conducting sessions in which participants will be working in small groups with a task of scaling real startups or mature companies, resolving challenges facing these companies. Each group will include participants with existing businesses. Each group will present solutions on the last day of the camp.

We will exchange experiences, get to know each other, and participate in the community of entrepreneurs spearheading positive change around the world.