From our previous events in Lithuania:

At the end of August, I went to Vilnius, and then to the aerodream.lt resort – a tranquil retreat for relaxation and events, for the CYCLE Lithuania entrepreneurship camp. Today, I can wholeheartedly recommend participating in the future editions of this event to any aspiring entrepreneur and to those who hold the ideals of freedom, independence, and entrepreneurship dear, as well as to those who are considering becoming entrepreneurs. I understand that for some people in Poland, such events may have negative connotations. A place where people who are just beginning to think about their business meet with individuals who earn millions monthly? And all of this without negative emotions, with plenty of respect, without envy, almost like a family atmosphere? Yet, it is possible. Vadim Fiddle and Virgis Daukas created an incredible event where it was exactly like that. Throughout the duration of this event, I had the chance to learn many inspiring stories. Virtually every participant brought something interesting to this event. However, I particularly remember the presentations: Tadek Osipowicz – A Pole born in Vilnius and the creator of the Aerodream Resort. He is a man of many talents, primarily known in Poland for his performances and co-creation of Kabaret Tey. Today, he is an incredibly inspiring entrepreneur, managing multiple businesses and able to tell their stories in a wonderful way. Linas Ceikus – A visionary entrepreneur who created the major brand tinggly.com, known in Poland more as “Exceptional Gift,” which I have used several times. I never thought I would have the opportunity to meet the creator of this project and get to know its entire history. Lobo Tiggre – Founder and CEO of IndependentSpeculator.com. Lobo distributes his expert knowledge about investments in the mining and natural resources sector worldwide, from which he derives immense benefits. However, his extensive knowledge of economics and entrepreneurship, and above all, how willingly he shared it during our workshops, allowed everyone who participated to gain tremendous benefits over the week. Arkadi Karapetyan – Best wishes, and thanks primarily for the stories about unsuccessful businesses on the way back, because they can sometimes teach us much more than the stories of successes alone (where in reality, it almost never looks that way). Arkadi hails from Armenia, but he is developing his businesses in Poland, and I can recommend him as an online content creator with experience in working with the best. Special thanks are due to Vadim Fiddle and Virgis for organizing and creating such a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. And I also thank Sebastian Węglarz for not letting me down, and as always, for the best networking Amadeusz Kopański

CYCLE Freedom was the most powerful, transformative camp that I have ever experienced. In many liberty events we talk about the theory of freedom — this one made me more free in practice by helping me develop very solid, long-term perspective on creating wealth. Now I feel much closer to finally starting that company and becoming independent from any particular employer. And it is not just about entrepreneurship — daily yoga sessions, deep conversations and inspiring company helped me grow overall as a person. I believe that being able to create value no matter where we find ourselves is one of the most important factors of personal freedom. I wholeheartedly recommend the camp to anyone who wants to create or further develop this skill, and live as a financially free man. CHRISTOPHER MAEL

Representing Liberty International at Cycle Camp 2023 organized by Vadim Fiddle was an absolute pleasure. I must say, the entire event went above and beyond my expectations. Cycle Camp doesn’t just offer your typical conference atmosphere; it’s a unique blend of understanding, love, friendliness, and boundless enthusiasm. And let me tell you, that’s something quite rare in the world of events. What truly left me in awe was the lineup of speakers and the insightful discussions that took place. The level of inspiration I gained from these sessions was off the charts! And let’s not forget about the Aerodream complex, our home during the camp. It was nothing short of amazing, adding a whole new layer of enjoyment to the entire experience. A big shoutout to all the mentors who played a pivotal role in making this journey truly one-of-a-kind. Your contributions were immensely appreciated. In a nutshell, Cycle Camp 2023 was an extraordinary event that left a lasting impression on me. Thanks to everyone involved for making it so exceptional! – Sebastian Węglarz

Thanks, Vadim I’m not sure I count, but I’m glad you’ve done away with the artificial distinction of teachers and students. I learned many things, got ideas that I intend to apply to my business and my life, and tons of inspiration and positive energy. CYCLE 2023 was a terrific investment of my time already and there are more dividends to come. Thank you so much for making this happen. Lobo Tiggre

Cycle Freedom is not just another event for entrepreneurs. It is a unique opportunity to connect with successful and inspiring people who share their stories and insights in a friendly and informal way. They are not distant speakers on a huge stage, but fellow participants who mingle with the audience and create a sense of community. This is the biggest value of this event for me. I get to meet experienced entrepreneurs eager to mentor the young ones. I can’t think of a better combination for personal and professional growth. Here, I could build genuine relationships with people who have achieved success as entrepreneurs, parents, friends, and most importantly, humans. They show me how to make my life meaningful and fulfilling. I also make so many friends here who can count on me anytime. Cycle Freedom is more than an event, it is a life-changing experience. Mikołaj Ostrowski

Cycle Camp 2023 was the first convention of its kind that I attended. Mikolaj talked a lot about the event itself as well as the people, but today after those few days I can say for myself that I gained a ton of valuable knowledge, motivation and guidance in building my businesses but what was most important and valuable to me were the people I met. We had a ton of unforgettable conversations and became friends with each other! Everyone was very nice and you could feel the kindness and willingness to help from them. The stories of Vadim, Tadeusz, Lobo or others were incredibly valuable and mativating for action. Vadim thank you and others for this event and the opportunity to join your community. Next year I will definitely be at the event as well and will bring some people with me. Arkadi Karapetyan

Simonas Jakubauskas

Hi there guys,

A bit late with my feedback – but better late than ever!

Main thing – it’s always about the awesome people here. Not only the ones presenting (heard some crazy and very valuable insider stories here!), but also the participants. Each and every one us, possessing a different skill, attitude and approach to life was a huge asset to each other.

Deep conversations, new friends, great presentations, location, food & the weather definitely resulted in an awesome & super valuable experience. Thanks to everybody for that!

Thank you,


Camp cycle freedom for me was a place of big friendships, big knowledge, and huge energy which is enough for me for another year. I am really glad that Vadim contacted me 4 years ago and now I can consider him as a friend. You have a huge impact on me. Thank you for organizing this beautiful event. I want to say thank you to everyone for being such open-minded, friendly, honest I felt really cozy in your company. See you next year.
Mikolaj Ostrowski

Thank you all so much for participating in all these fantastic discussions, another 5 days of growth and new ideas! And thank you Vadim Fiddle
& co. for keeping this thing alive and spreading the message and freedom and entrepreneurship. In addition to all the things that have been said, I wanted to share my reflections of this camp and improvements for the next one.

– The group work was a big hit, everyone loved it, would make sense to continue with this format and leave the circle perhaps only for introduction/farewell sessions

– Thank you all who used their water bottles and who wrote their names on plastic cups. Even though the resort people quickly got rid of them, I think we did a huge improvement from last year when everything was just littered with plastic every day. I would love to have a requirement for the next camp – ring your cup/water bottle and ask the resort not to distribute any of them. This is a super easy, sustainable decision that can set the tone of the camp and the mindset that we cultivate

– 30 minute breaks were great, would love to keep it

– There were many people who were oriented towards growth and one of the ways to grow is to get feedback. I’d love to organize a very simple feedback collecting system during the camp next time for the people who want it – can be just an anonymous paper/box option.

– I loved the philosophy and mindset oriented presentation, they are the key to breakthrough. I also think it would be great to balance the practical knowledge (such as Jurgen provided) with the inspirational talks. This way people who just start out can get off the ground easier. Main topics usually cover marketing, tech/prototyping, fundraising (as broad as possible) and perhaps some other areas. I would love to hold a workshop next year on how a non-technical person can prototype and quickly take their idea to life and share it with the world.

Thank you Vadim for being so flexible and implementing changes on the go, there is a huge potential in growing the mindset of this camp.
Arminas Kazlauskas

What a fantastic Camp and collection of amazing individuals! The last few days was a blast. It gave me lots of thoughts/ideas on how can I improve my operations. But the most valuable are the new relationships! Big kudos to Vadim Fiddle
for his hard work that resulted in Camp’s success.
Jacek Spendel

I have joined the cycle without knowing much about it. First day i was thinking “is this the right place to be for me”, maybe the mind was exhausted just after BALTICWAY30 where in 2 days i spend 18 hour in the car. So o thought lets continue.

I believe in what Mitch sed that everything begins from a small molecule with small vibration in our mind and after that it grows to something real. I’m truly deeply impressed what we did being with many extraordinary people in one place and just by exchanging with our views we can get new ideas, we can grow old ideas ect. First day I had no any clue what could i do differently and today i have many for my existing business and even more exited new idea for “export academy”, and it even scares me with how it can be helpful for many people and/or companies and how i can give value to the world!

So now after whole these days i have in my mind this sentence “tel me closest 5 friends of yours and i will say whoo you are” that means your surrounding is a mirror of you, but from other side if you want to be better version of yours you can surround with the right people. Thats what we did. We created unique environment for ideas to grow just by bringing different entrepreneurs to one place!

Thank you to Vadim for organizing this event and to all people who joined it! I wish to my self and all of You to use this knowledge we received here and put that in the practice! Thank you!

Tomas Karlonas

from Nicolas Henrirksson

Cycle Freedom Camp was entirely unknown to me, Lithuania was unknown to me, Entrepreneurship was unknown to me. What you people have managed to install in me is a new sense of confidence. That is priceless!

Knowing that every time I wake up, the morning is grey, the to-do list is overwhelming, YOU are taking a grip around your lives pushes me to a new level. Your integrity, motivation, and intelligence is contagious and it has definitely placed its mark on my soul. I am truly grateful for all of you!

As per feedback:

1. Vadim
Thank you for being so flexible with changes suggested by participants. It shows a lot of character to not need to dominate the others.

2. Jiji
Please remain your funky self and bless us with more Yoga.

3. Jurgen
Buy a bunch of plant-based protein, muscle up and then either swim or paddle to the camp next year. You must return.
4. I’m definitely on Arminas
‘ side concerning the camp’s sustainability. Get your own bottles and be happy 🙂

I want to say tremendous THANK YOU to the whole Universe, especially Vadim and Virgis, who gave me an opportunity to participate in this outstanding life-transforming camp, for the possibility to get closer to fantastic people – entrepreneurs, some highly performing for a long time and some future-to-be (I truly mean that!), with great mindsets, open hearts, willingness to share their knowledge about paths to success, giving the strength to proceed on our own with no fear of failure. What’s more – I had a chance to come with 2 of my youngsters. As mom, I was so happy to see them open up to the stream of superb knowledge, and, what’s more important – the transformation, what started in the camp, keeps me dearly surprising each day (in the fabulous, good way!). I am so lifted!!!! Thank You, Guys, for being and making the world more beautiful! Тhank You ALL!!!! Skirmante Naglyte

Thank you, Vadim Fiddle, for your inspirational leadership and your “Johnny Appleseed” strategy of planting seeds that lead to the incubation of entrepreneurs and freedom.

Per your wise suggestion, allow me to share an email to myself:

“Dear David,

Never forget the two biggest lessons learned at the CYCLE Freedom 2018 camp at Aerodream, Lithuania.

Lessons learned:

Abstract lesson: The secret to achieving entrepreneur success and the happiness of freedom starts with bonding with like-minded assertive, outside-the-box thinkers to build relationships based on trust.

Concrete lesson and lightening bolt “Aha” moment for me: Don’t ask primary investors for money up front. Ask them for help on how to solve a particular challenging problem. This will allow them to gradually and easily get their feet wet in your endeavor while you get to know each other better and work together to build a relationship based on trust. Build relationships and trust first. That will make later continuing financial collaboration much more likely. David Pratt Demarest

“I also want to thank everyone who participated. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there in person this time, but even across the ocean, I could feel the powerful positive energy generated. I loved our conversation! It made me smile all week… Muchas gracias!!!” Lobo Tiggre

“Thank you Vadim Fiddle, Skirma Naglyte, Martynas Venckūnas for giving such a great opportunity to feel the spirit of entrepreneurship. So many exiting stories and insights. Feel myself recharged.
Good organization, nice place and food.
Special thanks to everybody for being kids-friendly:)

Looking forward to a new Cycle.” Anna Vakulchik

“There are hardly any words to describe Cycle Freedom camp. Eyes opening, life changing experience. So many amazing people with shining eyes. Unconditional support from organizers. Incredible insights from presenters.
And atmosphere of love.
It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 70, Cycle Freedom is equally valuable to gain and share knowledge.
Thanks to everyone and especially Vadim, Skirma and Martynas for organizing this camp.” Mikas Sadauskas

“It’s too hard to find proper words to describe the experience in the camp. I just wish I had such a camp 10. 15 or even 20 years ago. In few days it would answer a lot of my hesitations, searchings and what-to-do’s. I would have acted in proper way instead of long and painful searches and mistakes. BUT, as all of presenters said- don’t be afraid of making mistakes. All of them finally come to a good experience, lead you to a positive result.

Also I’m extremely happy and thankful for bringing Arijus Venckūnashere (enormous thanks to Vadim Fiddle – bowing to You like Virgis Kas usually does- to the ground). The camp is a perfect place for such a young man!

I think, everyone in the camp received what they came for- what to do in their life, how to do it or what to try. Nobody is same as they were before it.

And, maybe one of mostly unexpected outcomes for me- where else you can make almost 50 new friends in less than a week? It’s incredible!

Once again- thank You, Vadim Fiddle, thank You Virgis Kas, thank You Skirma Naglyte and all of You guys!!!” Martynas Venckūnas

“The journey to become a renaissance (wo)man…
For me this describes it all! My path towards my life goals has been allocated now under this beautiful term, thanks to the inspirational teachings at Cycle. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. You reap what you sow.

Even though the mentors at Cycle teach the core of becoming a true entrepreneur and the vital tools to get there, we also dipped in the principles to become a more happy being and how to empower freedom.

Throughout the past few years, I have struggled to find the right balance between the life pillars of health, work, family, friends and love. After speaking with a friend, who is a Dutch neuroscientist, I learned that these 5 pillars of life need to be continuously developed and can’t go without one other. Otherwise, a person’s inner equilibrium collapses. @Doug Casey, shared the same principles and has developed it further, calling it the journey to become a renaissance man. My journey is more clear now, albeit it never is a straight line. Yet, it began with self-realization and my aim is to get to the final stage: significance.

Many thanks to all the serial entrepreneurs that mentored us at Cycle. I deeply value the shared stories of personal failures, the insightful lessons learned from these implications and the inspirational motivators. Simply the best camp for changing your current self, especially if you are stuck on a crossroad.” Quyen Nong

“The Cycle Freedom camp is one of the best decision that anyone can do and one week after I´m still blown away by the life-changing transformation. Not only did I meet incredible bright and fun people but also learned from experienced entrepreneurs. In just a couple of days you gain so many insights about major pitfalls, how-to-do business, fundraising, marketing and most important, being unconditional. (and this is only a short summary)

I noticed a shift in my mind as well. I start seeing way more opportunities and also know the steps to put those into action now.

Also, I know that I´m not walking this path alone but that there are many like-minded and supportive people out there. Vadim, Virgis and all the others- thank you so much for the great experience!” Victor Kelling

“Word class experience and tons of inspiration – I felt like swimming in an ocean of thoughts, perspectives, nuggets of wisdom, opinions, knowledge, humbleness, sharing, caring, helping and passion. An incredible opportunity to boil together with bright minds and fuse, refine, upgrade your thoughts and knowledge. Thank you and see you next time!” Arminas Kazlauskas

“Thanks again for uplifting the entrepreneurial spirit in me! I have accumulated great amount of energy during those two days. Started pushing my Lithuanian friends to look at things from this interesting perspective — if we want to build something, what’s stopping us? We have everything we need now. In the Soviet Union we would have been imprisoned for any entrepreneurial activity. Instantly can see how it gets their minds thinking! Love what your community is doing. Can even imagine myself doing the same work (work?!) in the future.” Viktorija Maliskaite

“Once again I want to thank you for this valuable experience and for this beautiful job your team is doing in changing people’s thinking and bringing more consciousness to this planet, to people’s life! I am looking forward to new events, hosted by your team. I believe that people from small, but quickly growing countries such as Lithuania, should also build entrepreneurial, creative communities for problem solving and modern education. ” Linas Juozulynas, creator and discoverer

“CYCLE creates an amazing environment for both intellectual and social development. It gave me much more than I expected. I met great inspiring people who changed the way I look at many things. They showed me that it was possible to build great things with a mix of passion and execution and encouraged me to start exploring new opportunities to learn from others. Thanks to CYCLE I found purpose in sharing my experience and creating something useful for others. As a result, I started an online portal with international grants and scholarships for Russian speaking students which now has more than 100,000 monthly visitors. I would highly recommend learning from teachers at CYCLE to anybody!”-JK

“I believe that everyone has at some point an “aha” moment which marks a turning point in his/her LIFE. Mine was CYCLE 11. After CYCLE, my mind blossomed. The way I perceived the world, economics, have changed completely because someone took me by the hand and showed me a different angle of seeing things. This school was so great in so many ways that really anything I could write now can’t make up a fraction of what it really meant. You just have to see it for yourself! ” –DS

“CYCLE conferences helped me forge some of the most long-lasting friendships in my life. I learned a lot, too. You know the feeling when you get an answer to a question you didn’t know you had? You’ll get that a lot here. For me, these conferences have been eye-openers; I heard the same from many others.”  –AD

“The last event can be compared as a bicycle ride downhill with increasing speed. Every day it felt like getting double the amount of knowledge not just about creating business, managing startups or investing, but also developing personal character which is needed in succeeding in life in any kind of trade. In the end it helped me to change the perception on work, time and the meaning of creating value. Best of all – the only cost was my time, which I think was one of my best investments.”  –EM

“I believe that participation in CYCLE for the first time was one of the best decisions made in my life. How did CYCLE help me? It was like somebody woke me up and said: “Hey man, stop sleeping! This world is full of opportunities! Don’t waste your time by living in a routine manner. You hate it, don’t you?”. In other words, CYCLE changed the way I saw the world: I met highly motivated people with perfect business ideas and strong willingness to drive changes in their lives and I also found a lot of new friends. Actually CYCLE really changed my life’s priorities and helped to reveal my real goals. If I was asked to choose one word that describes CYCLE in a best way, I would say “Motivation” – motivation to believe in your own ideas, motivation to work at them, motivation to move forward and never give up”.  –SL